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Beauty & Skincare

Hourglass Surreal Light Holiday Palette
If you follow the online beauty community, this pallette needs no introduction. Hourglass receives a lot of praise for its high quality face powders. Their products are known for giving the face a subtle, healthy glow without looking cakey on the face.

As they are on the higher end of the price scale, I did take my time to consider if I really wanted to give them a try. But I’m glad I did. The hype is well deserved in my opinion. This pallette truly delivers a subtle your-skin-but-better result. I’m also using the entire palette, something I rarely do with other makeup palettes that I own.
Hourglass holiday palette 2016

Books & Movies

The Crown

I absolutely adore this retelling of how the current Queen of the United Kingdom begun her reign. The cast is stellar, the cinematography is really above and beyond, and the story itself (albeit romanticized) encourages us to understand what it must have felt like for a young woman to become queen.

My only grievance is that I have trouble seeing Matt Smith as anyone else than The Doctor. In each scene I half expect him to turn around looking for a bowtie and a fez. If you aren’t a crazy Whovian who watches Doctor Who on repeat, you probably won’t have that problem. His acting is brilliant, the problem lies completely with my DW addiction.

Wonder are collectible by Jeroen Lemaitre & Thijs Demeulemeester
There is a rather beautiful taxidermy shop tucked away in the streets of Leuven. It has this old cabinet of curiosities feeling and, when I used to live in the city centre, I’d make sure I’d pass it on my way home. Just to have a glance into this curious little world though I never found the courage to actually go inside.

So it was purely by coincidence that I spotted this gorgeous book in the bookshop (and I bought it despite my current book buying ban) and only realized that it was written by the taxidermist of said shop, when I got home.

Jeroen Lemaitre, owner of taxidermy shop Animaux Speciaux, and lifestyle journalist Thijs Demeulemeester write about the history of taxidermy, our fascination with death and why there is a current surge of taxidermy lovers. You can clearly feel their passion when reading and the book contains stunning illustrations and pictures which make this book a pure gem.

Buy the English or Dutch version on the Animaux Speciaux webshop
You can also find it on Amazon.
Wonders are collectible Taxidermy book

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